Product Review: Tie Guard by Poorman’s Gold Label


Tie guard review

Poorman’s Gold Label, the steampunk accessories label from Japan by MaRy and 130JET of premiere Japanese steampunk band Strange Artifact, returns with another brilliant creation, perfect for the steampunk that favors a more contemporary or coorporate style: the tie guard.

I’m sure the name is pretty self-explanatory (and else I’m sure the picture is), it’s literally armor for your necktie.

With their tie guard, they have effectively designed an armor piece that looks great on all manner of ties, ranging from skinny to slim and regular sized ones.

The faux gem details on the bottom give it a more distinguished touch, and the general design sets it apart from mere armor.

Like everything else by the label, this is hand crafted from high quality leather, which means that with good care it will keep its pristine look, or you can gradually allow it to age, as leather ages fabulously. Up to you.

For those preferring not to wear a tie, or for the occasions where a tie just doesn’t work with your outfit, try belting a tie like a sash (or wearing a thin enough sash) and wearing the tie guard over the tie knot in that.

Click for an example of that look. Standard colours for this item are dark brown and black.

As usual, shopping from outside of Japan from Poorman’s Gold Label isn’t the easiest, but you don’t actually need a shopping service like you would with many Japanese brands.

Simply send an email to in either English or Japanese, explain what you are interested in and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you out.

Alternatively, Lorina Liddell stocks a limited supply of several PMG designs, so if you prefer working with a webshop, you may find something you like there.


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