Review: Nerf Rebelle “Power Pair”.


Power Pair

Whilst it is called the “Power Pair” it’s essentially a box containing two Sneak Attackers. Gotta name it something to confuse the customers I suppose, especially considering the are three more versions of this gun, each with a different color and name, but we’ll get to that later in this article.

If you can manage to look past the abomination that is the packaging and get the guns out, you’re off on a good start. I do love that Hasbro uses very little plastic on this kind of packaging though.

Power Pair box

Power Pair box

It has to be said that the look of the Rebelle range is quite different. As I remarked to a friend of mine, who agreed, this is slightly more organic and makes me think of Warhammer 40K Eldar or Dark Eldar weaponry aesthetics wise. Well the original Rebelle line at least, the newer weapons are a far cry from that.

The look of the Sneak Attacker is probably best described as the bastard love child of a Jolt and an Atom Blaster (even though I’m pretty sure Hasbro would prefer me not to say these things, but hey, I’m not sponsored, so I get to say what I want ^^). It has the overall raygun style body like the atom blaster, but it’s a one dart plunger tube gun just like a Jolt.
I do quite like this because the atom blaster was actually my very first Nerf blaster (my first weapon was the ball blaster bazooka back in the 90s). So I have a bit of a soft spot for the design.
Basically this is the Rebelle line answer to the N-Strike (Elite) Jolt, making it the second Nerf series (the first one being the Dart Tag’s Stinger to have a proper remake of the Jolt whilst still operating via the exact same principle.
Just like the Stinger and contrary to all currently released Jolt models, it has the capacity to hold two darts in the back of the body.
And then there’s the colours, which is thankfully an issue easily solved by a mod. Unless you like them of course, in which case you’re lucky and can just keep them the way they are.

Also, this is the same gun as the Angel Aim and two other identical guns, the only difference between them is that the those are packaged on their own and come in different colours, if I remember correctly: pastel pink, lilac and a softer shade of aqua.
If you are going to mode them and you want to do two, it’s actually cheapest to buy the Power Pair than two separate identical gun, unless you just want one, then you’re of course cheaper off with a single packaged gun.

Firing the Sneak Attacker
Exactly the same as the Jolt, pull back the plunger tube, load, aim, fire.
It has to be said, it’s got a better aim than a Jolt, and if you have small(ler) hands (like me), this is actually really comfortable to hold and use. If you have large(r) hands (like my husband), you may find it quite the opposite and prefer the Jolt.
It comes with Elite darts (in teal with pink and all pink, why Hasbro, why?) but it does fire suction cup, Dart Tag and whistler darts. Just like with the Triad though, it does diminish the range and power if you use the other darts instead of the Elite ones.
This does make it safer to play with children, pets or indoors, however, because other darts than Elite pack a lot less punch.
Aside from that, it covers a fair range, and definitely a better one than a Jolt.

Modding the Sneak Attacker
First of all remove all ammo and pull back the plunger tube.
Spraypaint it in a basecoat of your choice in as far as you can, because this has a many different parts that are very hard to reach with a spray.
Add a second manual coat to cover all the bits the spray missed and/or couldn’t reach.
This is probably what’ll take you the longest to be honest.
I used Citadel Chaos Black spray, but if you prefer a different brand of acrylics I’m sure that’ll work just as well. A note on the one I use: it’s by no means the best on the market and you should only ever use this in a well ventilated area or if you can: outside. And if you have it, wear a mask because this is really dire on the airways. I emptied out my can on the first gun, and switched to Vallejo black spray on basecoat for the second, which I vastly prefer.

Nerf mod in progress

Fully basecoated Sneak Attacker.

I chose to modd each gun differently.
I did use a coat of Citadel Warlock Bronze after the black basecoat on both but from that point on I went for different guns.

Nerf mod in progress

The first gun I drybrushed with Vallejo Hammered Copper for the main body. I used Vallejo Brassy Brass (don’t let the name fool you, it’s a light copper) for the smaller details and plunger tube and Creall Gold for some the logos.

Step 1: the unpainted gun

Sneak Attacker pre-mod

Step 2 and 3 you already saw above.

Step 4: After the rough drybrush with Hammered Copper.

Nerf mod in progress

Step 5: Ready to Varnish

Ready to get varnished

Step 6: The finished gun

Repainted Sneak Attacker

The second one I drybrushed with Citadel Tin Blitz, added Citadel Dark Angel Green details.

Modded Sneak Attacker

I varnished both with Vallejo glossy spray on varnish. Bare in mind that on metallics this is ok, but on normal colours it becomes VERY glossy. Aside from that, it doesn’t stink, doesn’t catch on your breath and dries quickly, so I’d recommend this brand. They also have a matte and satin version of their varnish (which I’ve not used yet) and this one can be used for traditional art as well (possibly the other two also, but I’ve not had the opportunity to read the text on the can, the website likely has more info though).

Like the Jolt this is a quick and easy mod, once you’ve got your base colours in all the nooks and crevices though, that does take a while. And pretty fun to do. The gun is versatile enough to give excellent possibilities to turn it into something really nice, even if you just give it a different shade.

Our ratings:
Range and power: fair, suitable for inside use as long as you are careful
Design (purely looks wise): excellent, if you exclude the horrible colour scheme at least, that’s just dire.
Modding possibilities: excellent
Easy to load: absolutely
Loading speed: as fast as you can put in darts
Ammo capacity: 1 dart, but it does have room to store two more on the top.
Fires: Dart tag darts, whistler darts, suction cup darts, elite darts.

It’s a neat little gun with a more original (I wouldn’t say completely original as it’s clearly based on the atom blaster) take on the tiny guns than what we’re used from Nerf.
It’s only slightly bigger than a Jolt, and packs more punch.
Basically if you want a very small blaster but don’t want to go with the standard Jolt, or want something slightly bigger but not as big as the Triad, this is a good option.
And if you want to go for a more raygun-eske look, this is pretty much the only one Nerf has on offer in that department at the moment.
If has ridiculous colours and logo, but the logo can be sanded off (I didn’t because I like painting logos) and the colour redone. Original colours of Nerf guns have never stopped anyone that can mod, so ridiculousness of the Rebelle range and accompanying marketing aside, if you like the look, just go for it.

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