Book Review: Traveling With Your Octopus by Brian Kesinger


Traveling with your octopus

Brian Kesinger returns with more Otto and Victoria in Traveling With Your Octopus, the sequel to his much celebrated Walking Your Octopus.

In this new instalment Victoria and her trusty land dwelling cephalopod Otto travel the world, encountering strange sights, new animal companion and generally undertaking a great many deal of adventures.


Traveling With Your Octopus is a beautiful book, themed literally front to back cover in the style of exploration and travel, not just an art book, but an all ages steampunk adventure for the entire family to enjoy. Whether you read it to your little ones, or they read it themselves, even adults will enjoy the little stories that accompany each beautiful piece of art.

Because make no mistake, Brian Kesinger is undoubtedly at the very top of contemporary steampunk artists, creating images that generations enjoy and will come to enjoy for a very long time still. His fabulous duo of young socialite Victoria and her eight legged companion are some of the most lovable and fun characters within the movement, something that this beautiful book easily proves yet again.


Art taken from the artist’s deviant art page, to see what else is inside, buy the book, you won’t regret it for a second!
For the European fans of Mr Kesinger, you can get your hands on his books easily via the Book Depository, who are based in the UK, that should allow you to avoid those pesky customs!

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