Movie Review: “Jupiter Ascending”


Jupiter Ascending

Imagine a space opera style movie with both casual, practical and elaborate costumes, visually pleasing combat scenes, all kinds of alien, human and everything in between species, interesting villains and bombastic space ships as well as magnificant scenery. Well you don’t have to imagine it much longer, because the creators of the Matrix trilogy are back with a new cyberpunk style sci-fi epos: Jupiter Ascending.

Enter Jupiter Jones (played by Mila Kunis), are reluctant heroine, stuck in a crap dead and end job and hating her life, ‘till one day it turns out that she’s more than she, or anyone she knows, has could have ever imagined. Suddenly her universe is expanding (quite literally) and she’s trying to figure out who, or what, she really is, aided by a not quite human new ally Caine Wise (portrayed by Channing Tatum), whilst trying to figure out what direction to give to her life and more importantly: how to stay alive.

Jupiter Ascending is a fantastic movie. Not only is it visually pleasing, with tons of cyberpunk and futuristic elements, the plot itself is masterfully executed and what really sets this movie aside is that it continuously makes you wonder what the hell is going to happen next, even though from the beginning on you can see the happy end coming from miles away. That said, the ending remains quite unsuspecting as Jupiter’s choice is quite remarkable. Timing is also superb in this movie, scenes are exactly the right length, and even with combat scenes you’re never wondering when the hell things are going to move past characters beating on each other.

In short, Jupiter Ascending is a remarkable and well executed example of what a sci-fi movie should be. Space opera is seldomly done well, and thankfully this movie is the example. A definite recommendation to everyone who loves sci-fi and/or cyberpunk.

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