Taschen to Release “The Charlie Chaplin Archives”

The Charlie Chaplin Archives cover
The Charlie Chaplin Archives cover

Who doesn’t know Charlie Chaplin, the silent film actor known for his often funny ways, suits and bowler hat? Pretty much everyone I’m sure, and for the fans TASCHEN (quite known for their beautiful art books) just released a beautiful new book, The Charlie Chaplin Archives.

The book is edited by film historian Paul Duncan and includes making of information on every film Chaplin ever made, hundreds of photographs, memos, storyboards, interviews with both Mr Chaplin and people that surrounded him, press clippings, archive material and so much more to tell you not only about the iconic movies he made, but of the actor’s life also.

And to top it off: the first print of the book, which is set to be 10 000 copies, will include a 12-frame film strip from Chaplin’s 1931 film “City Lights” at the price of € 150.

Now whilst this is great news for fans and collectors alike, be warned that these sort of editions may carry a hefty price tag. No need to worry for those on a budget though, TASHEN has the habit of releasing more economically priced editions also.

In any case, if you want a first edition, I wouldn’t wait too long to get your copy!

In the mean time, I’m leaving you all with this making-of video of the book, silent movie style of coure!

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