Event Announcement: Steampunk Meeting at Elfia Arcen


Steampunk meet - Elfia Arcen 2015

As many of our readers undoubtedly know, this weekend it’s Elfia Arcen, the fantasy fair on the beautiful grounds of Arcen Castle in Arcen, the Netherlands.

Now because there is no steampunk camp this year, but there is a steam pop machine (because why have regular popcorn if you can have it steampunk style?!).

Of course a meet-up time at said steam pop machine had to be planned (organised by our own Clara!).

So any and all steampunks, clockpunk, dieselpunk and all other manner of ‘punks in the scene, that are going on Saturday and are free in the afternoon: we are gathering for a group shot and general merriment at the steam pop machine at 3pm

I’m not sure where the steam pop machine will be situated, but the good people of Elfia will should have listed it on the map that you can get at the entrance of the event.

Photographers are of course welcome, but we kindly request to be courteous and ask permission BEFORE taking photos, especially individual shots, of people present at the meet-up.

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