Product of the Week: Lomography LomoKino



I know, I know, I often have little good to say about Lomography cameras, but the LomoKino is a new kind of intriguing to me, and with the recent price drop from € 89 to € 49 it seems fair enough to talk about it.

The LomoKino is basically a daft little plastic film making camera. It shoots with 35mm film, which is easy enough to come by in itself, although I personally would recommend using either colour effect film or black and white with this device.

Lomography offers a really good development package, which is not only very reasonably priced, it will properly set you on the way to edit your film. Which is a total bonus.

It also comes with a variety of gadgets, mostly smartphone stuff, for home use, which may or may not be fun if that’s your thing. It is sold with the LomoKinoscope as a standard, but seeing they sell that separately, I’m sure you should be able to sell it on easily enough if you wanted to.

Now what attracts me the most in this camera is the style of film it produces. It gives me that entire “Murnau silent movie” feel (but in worse quality, let’s be honest), which I love. And if you look at YouTube, some of the things people do with this camera are just amazing. Of course that doesn’t mean that anyone’d be able to do it, and I’m sure it takes some practice, but for people that would like to experiment with a different kind of filmmaking than your average video-on-camera option or camcorder, this seems like a pretty sweet deal.

If there is one Lomography camera I’d still be willing to give a go, it’s this one.

From the LomoKino films on YouTube, this one is my personal favourite (and befitting of Halloween this Saturday).

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