Product Review: Excelsior Goddess Watch by Weird Ape


Excelsior Goddess watch

Weird Ape is a company selling watches and pocket watches for men and women, several very much suitable for steampunk and dieselpunk styles, and even if you don’t much like the look of this particular review subject watch (the Excelsior Goddess), there’s a big chance that the site will carry a watch that does fit your style and pleases your eye.

Weird Ape is clearly passionate about both watches (just check out their blog) but also really good with customer service, because the watch arrived extremely well packaged, not just in a sturdy padded envelope, but also protected with plastic casing over the actual watch part, and with its own little drawstring back to keep it in whilst not being worn. They also answer promptly if you have questions, which is great.

Steampunk watch by Weird Ape

As mentioned, this review is of the Excelsior Goddess, one of the steampunk watches for women. It is a kinetic watch, which means that you don’t even have to wind it if you wear it daily, but do note that it needs more movement than just typing to keep running properly, but no fear, you can always wind it to keep it going strong. If you are unaware of the correct way of winding a watch, Weird Ape has very helpfully provided a little guide to aid you with keeping your timepiece going strong on a daily basis.

It may take you a while to get the hang of winding it, but once you do, it’s neither tedious nor a hassle, and you will be able to trust on your watch for a long, long time to come. Personally I didn’t find it troublesome at all, I never have to worry about batteries, which is both practical and good for the environment. And it gives the watch an added lovely quirkiness.

The watch has some obvious features, such as the rhinestones around the hour plate, moving clockwork, which also moves in the back of the watch. That’s a neat extra even though you don’t see it whilst you’re wearing it.

Steampunk watch by Weird Ape

Steampunk watch by Weird Ape

Steampunk watch by Weird Ape

Steampunk watch by Weird Ape

The watchband is very comfortable, and sets itself to your wrist quite quickly, and soon it feels like you’ve been wearing the watch for years. Do note, if you have slender wrists, it may be and feel a bit heavy. If you like that, great, if not, maybe another Weird Ape model is more your style.
The faux leather black wristband means that it stands out a little amongst the primarily brown steampunk color palette, and at the same time it will match SteamGoth styles just as well.

Another fun feature is that the hands of this watch are luminescent. They don’t give off loads of light, but if they have soaked up enough proper daylight, you get a fair glow from them.

Having worn this watch for the better part of a week and half, I can happily conclude that this is a lovely addition to any steampunk wardrobe. If you are looking for something that looks a little bit prettier and slightly more bling, whilst maintaining both a classic women’s watch and steampunk aesthetic at the same time, this one may be the thing you’ve been after.


  1. The problem is that not every one receave their watch, i’me still waiting, my order is UK30713

  2. This article seems very misleading – as if it was written by Weird Ape. Their customer service is as bad as anything I have ever experienced, and this chimes with every other customer comment I’ve seen. I received my watch late in crappy packaging, it was the wrong watch. They took over a week to reply to my emails. I sent it back but they didn’t sign for it at their end, meaning they can claim they never received it. So they’ve got my money and I have no watch.

    If they simply replied to a SINGLE email to give clarity on the situation things could be resolved.

    So no: Weird Ape do NOT have good customer service. They’re appalling.

  3. @Adopho, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had issues, but leaving order number here is not going to be of any help I’m afraid, you’ll have to take it up with them. Much as I would like to help you, I can’t do more than direct you to the company itself.

    @Stephen, I’m sorry to hear you too had issues with them, but I do think it’s a little uncalled for to come here and insinuate that my review is biased and that we are misleading people about this company.
    I have honestly written about my experiences with them, which were positive. It’s too bad this doesn’t go for all their customers, and I’m not excluding the possibility that they went the extra mile with me just because they were dealing with a reviewer, but I can only write about my own personal experience, which I did. The fact that Weird Ape sent me a free watch has nothing to do with it. If I thought it was shite I would have said so. Quite happily so.

    If you look at company reviews online, there are plenty of companies that get only very positive and very negative reviews, it’s sadly a fact. Seems that Weird Ape is another one of those companies. So thank you for pointing out that positive experiences like mine are not necessarily the way things are when dealing with them. But rest assured that our review was written honestly, and we are not out to mislead anyone.

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