Event Announcement: Wave Gotik Treffen 2016


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Event: Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT)
What: Gothic Festival
When: May 13 – 16 (weekend of Pentecost)
Where: Leipzig
Tickets: from 120€

This year’s Wave Gotik Treffen (or WGT for short) is the 25th edition of the world largest Gothic gathering. To celebrate the anniversary the opening party will take place at the amusement park “Belantis” in the south of Leipzig. Visitors can get there by car or by shuttle bus from the agra area, which is the main location of the WGT and also the camping area.

The celebration starts at 20:00 and all the fun rides will be open until midnight. In addition to that there will be several DJs all over the park and a big opening party at the pavilion.

But this opening party is only one of many attractions one gets for their money. During the weekend of Pentecost the whole city of Leipzig turns black. The locations for WGT parties and concerts are all over the city and you get to use the public transport system for free with a WGT ticket. (If you are visiting Leipzig and the Wave Gotik Treffen for the first time, we recommend having a look at the guide of sadgoth.com).

Many argue that the ever rising price of the tickets (+€21 in comparison to last year) is not justified. We cannot support that. For the ticket price of €120 (+€25 for the Obsorgekarte if you want to use the camping ground) you get 4 whole days (Friday – Monday) full of program plus the opening on Thursday.

The musical program covers the whole range of gothic music, including medieval folk and gothic metal, and of course steampunk. This year is especially interesting for steampunks because not only will Germany’s biggest steampunk band Coppelius be there (before they’ll take a hiatus), also US-based gothic singer Voltaire, who is known and liked within the steampunk subculture will play at WGT.

(You can find a list with all the currently 100% confirmed bands here)

Grave yard photography exhibition
Grave yard photography exhibition

And it’s not only parties and concerts (although they make the main part of the festival program): you can do so much more with a WGT ticket: A lot of museums offer free entry and special guided tours for WGT guests. The opera gives away free tickets as well as the cinema is showing a special selection of movies for their gothic guests. There are lectures from different authors and also stuff like special breakfast/brunch offers. (You can have an Absinthe breakfast!) In addition to that the main festival area at the agra (the old fair ground) offers a special market area for gothic (and steampunk) shopping. (Take a look at the vendors from last year here).

Display of Atelier Tausendschön
Display of Atelier Tausendschön

And of course: you get to use the public transport within Leipzig for free! This is especially important as the festival takes place all over the city of Leipzig in different locations.

So, let us calculate: a normal concert, even if it’s only a small band costs roughly around 20€. 120€ divided by 20 makes 6. Six bands on four and a half days, I guess most visitors of Wave Gotik Treffen will visit more bands and you still have the program and special shopping area go on top of that. I guess 120€ isn’t too much for a program like that. Mind you that security fees and location rent went up, too.

So, go ahead and buy yourself some tickets for the world’s biggest gothic festival which is a fun festival for steampunks, too.

2015 Steampunk Picnic
2015 Steampunk Picnic

We highly recommend visiting the 5. Steampunk Picnic on Saturday, May 14th and get to know the other steampunks there (location still to be announced). (You can visit the picnics without a festival ticket, there also is the traditional neo-romantic picnic on Friday at the Clara-Zetkin-park).

Clara Lina Wirz (aka AyraLeona) is a seasoned steampunk known for her presence at European conventions where she always does her utmost to promote the movement via her, often hand made, outfits. Furthermore she is an avid seamstress, studies Cultural and Social Anthropology as well as Archaeology and is a writing member of The Clockworker.

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