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Yes, a cosmetics review on The Gatehouse, please stay with me, there’s a reason behind this.

Twist and turn the way you like, but a good part of the steampunk community likes to wear make-up. Finding eye shadows, liners and pencils in appropriately steamy colours isn’t hard. Pretty much every brand today carries at least one gold, bronze and copper eye shadow, and most carry a wide variety of products in those colours. This goes for both upscale as drugstore brands, which is good for every kind of budget.

Now, lipstick, well that’s been a bit more of an issue. But not anymore (ok this has been around for a couple of years, but I’m generally quite late to any cosmetics related party)!

Bring in the NYX cosmetics Wicked “lippies” (frankly I fail to see why they just couldn’t say lipsticks but there you go) range. With nothing but metallics. Now these come in a fair share of colours, including greens, blues and purples, but what is really interesting to the ‘punk community at large are their proper metal tones: dark metallic grey, silver, gold and …copper (my personal favourite).

I only own the copper (Wrath) and gold (Mischievous) ones, so I’ll focus on those.

First: some general words about these products:

They are, just like every other NYX product, cruelty free. So even though this is a US brand, you don’t have to worry that there has been animal testing going on outside of the EU. For the ingredients, they’re on the website, but this is not a vegan product as it contains beeswax. A big bonus, however, is that they are also paraben free. Not all their products are, but these are, which is great. You can find their ingrediënt list here (it’s the same as on my lipsticks so as I write this, it’s accurate).

These lipsticks apply pretty well, but they do need a fair amount of touching up after a while. After drinks or meals you’ll need to touch up. On the other hand, their colour does stay the same after a while. Well either they stay or your lipstick fades and you need to touch up, but you don’t have to worry about starting with one colour and ending with a different one.

They’re not exactly moisturising (the NYX butter lipsticks are though), but they don’t dry out your lips either, and if you wear them over a good non-gloss lip balm (I use the Weleda one) you’re set for the entire day without discomfort. I’m not sure how well this works with a primer, as I always use that particular lip balm.

Now a lot of people online have said that these lipsticks tend to bleed, this hasn’t been an issue for me, but if you have experienced this issue with lipsticks before, well that’s what lip liner is for isn’t it.

One major downside, however, is the packaging (I suppose they had to skrimp on something to keep the make-up in a lower price range than the likes of Sephora and MAC). You have to twist your lipstick all the way up or it will slide right back down into the holder. Which means you have to be _really_ careful as these lipsticks are pretty creamy and soft. Or they will break. Which happened to my Wrath (hail my lip brush, that’s all I’ll say on the matter). Of course if you use a lip brush, this is less of an issue as you can just reach in anyway. But if you don’t, just be very careful.

Now the colours on their own.

Swatches for a review on The Gatehouse

Wrath, the copper one, is a nice proper copper. It photographs well, and tends to just be nice in general. It also feels nice when worn.

Mischievous, the gold one. I feel that, just like their silver one, this isn’t made to be worn on its own if you have pale skin. I have seen someone with darker skin wear it and she looked absolutely stunning with it, but on pale skin, it doesn’t work quite as well. But in combination with other colours as a detail, it works magnificently. So as a detailing lipstick, or if you have darker skin, it’s great to own and play around with. Otherwise I just wouldn’t bother with it.

In general, these are nice lipsticks, not top of the range, but definitely not shoddy stuff either, I will buy them again. If only because I love their copper so much.

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