Exhibit Review: Game Changers


Game ChangersGame Changers

Fashion Museum (MoMu)
Antwerp, Belgium
March 18 – August 14

Game Changers, the Antwerp fashion museum’s (MoMu for short) current main exhibit, focusses on the evolution of the 20th century silhouette in high fashion. On top of that it collaborates with UNIQLO for the UNIQLO MOMU SUNDAYS, allowing free entry for everyone on every first Sunday of the month (May and June have already passed, but you can still go on July 3rd and August 7th).

Incidentally, every 1st Sunday of the month is also a shopping Sunday in Antwerp, which comes in handy as you get a coupon for a free UNIQLO airism t-shirt with your entry ticket (which you need to pick up at the front desk of the MoMu) that you need to exchange within 7 days. Just an FIY, it’s until stock lasts and women get a sleeveless top and men a t-shirt, both are white. Regardless, it’s a really nice touch, especially because airism is pretty amazing.

Now back to the actual exhibit.

Like pretty much every other MoMu exhibit, this one is pretty small. Even if you read every single thing and study every garment on display, you’ll be in and out within the hour. It is debatable whether or not such a small exhibit is worth the entrance fee, but with the free days, that’s a bit of a moot point.

In any case, small as it may be, they did a great job making it varied. Focusing on several key points when it comes to 20th century fashion, they set up installations showing many different examples. It’s easy to move around between them, and you can really take your time looking at every piece on display.

It’s very well presented in general, and the garments chosen are very representative. The downside of the presentation is you can’t always see the entire garment, but if you are into fashion and the evolution thereof, it’s definitely worth checking out. Especially as there are still two days left to do it at no cost at all.

For some more exhibit photos, click here.

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