Book Review: Dr DOA by Simon R. Green


doctor doa

Dr DOA is the latest installment in the ongoing Secret History series, and once again we find Eddie Drood and Molly Metcalf on a mission that is seemingly hopeless. Of course that doesn’t stop our intrepid heroes from fighting the good fight, beating clues out of bad people and doing what they can to guarantee the outcome of the story.

Whether they do or don’t, well, you have to find out for yourself.

The premise of Dr DOA is in itself simple: Eddie Drood has been poisoned and he has to find the antidote. Facing death even more closely than usual, our very secret agent goes through the motions of trying to survive, whilst at the same times trying to come to term with his own mortality. And that’s what makes Dr DOA stand out from the other books in this series, and even a lot of other books in this genre: the way the author describes the character’s emotions, as if you are actually getting an insight of what it would be like to walk a mile in Eddie’s shoes in that situation.

Another positive point about this book is that it goes back to a previous installment and builds on that. A good metaplot is so rare these days, and it’s great to see that Mr Green is still a master of them.

The possible tie to the Ishmael Jones series is also a beautiful addition.

Dr DOA has not reached its final conclusion yet, so I look forward to reading what happens next!

Of course we all know Eddie will somehow survive, and whilst normally that might spoil the reading fun, it’s finding out exactly how he gets out of this one that keeps you glued to the pages and stick to the series. There are predictable parts, but they add to the story, rather than take from it.

Because there is such a strong connection to other books, I wouldn’t recommend starting out with this one if you are unfamiliar with the Secret History series, I’d rather suggest you simply start with the first one, The Man with the Golden Torc, so you don’t miss out on anything in later books. I would really recommend this series though if you like the idea of a sort of supernatural James Bond-eske setting.

For the fans of Secret History and the Nightside: one more Secret History novel ‘till Nightfall, where we’ll finally get the answer of “who would win in a fight? John Taylor or Eddie Drood?”. Lot’s of things to look forward to in the SRG universe!

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