Siberia: Jewel of the Nordic Empire

Jewel of the Nordic Empire map
Jewel of the Nordic Empire map (Lynn Davis)

In a world where the fifteen-century Kalmar Union took advantage of Muscovy’s ruinous war on the Mongols, the united Nordic people expand across northern Europe and eventually march east. They first sign treaties with the native tribes there for cooperation against Mongol raiders. In the present day, the empire seeks to attract English pioneers to colonize Siberia.

In Europe, the Nordic Empire has allied with Poland and the two control the various Russian states by proxy. A weak German Confederacy acts as a buffer and occasional battlefield between the Nordics and the Valois Union of France and Spain. In the Far East, Japan has conquered Kamchatka, Yakutia and, by the looks of it, Alaska.

This map was made by Lynn Davis, a Texas-based cartographer and writer. Visit her website for more fascinating alternate-history maps, including one of a civil war in a victorious Third Reich.

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