Product of the Week: Pullip’s Alice in Steampunk World


Alice in Steampunk World

People into collectible dolls will certainly have heard of Pullip, a company known for its super cute big headed and big eyed dolls.

They are currently running a series called Alice in Steampunk World, of which the Cheshire Cat is the latest instalment.

Now this is certainly not a new concept, but that doesn’t stop Pullip from making really neat Wonderland themed steampunk dolls.

The site can be a little confusing as it is in Japanese and translators generally only go so far, but thanks to the global fame and popularity of the brand, I’m sure google can find a solution for a distributor closer to home. Alternatively, you could use a shopping service to order direct from Japan, if you feel like these dolls are a total must have.

I definitely love what they’ve done with these dolls, mixing up steampunk and Alice in Wonderland. Personally I love looking at Pullips, but I don’t feel the need to own any. If I did, I’d be doing my best to get several from this Steampunk World series.

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