The Gatehouse’s New Style for 2017

Hindenburg over New York
The German zeppelin Hindenburg, en route to Lakehurst, New Jersey, floats past the Empire State Building in New York, August 8, 1936 (AP)

With 2016 nearly behind us, it’s time for our yearly makeover. We last switched themes in December 2015, so this is the perfect time to transition into a new style.

For the first time, we’ve chosen something light. We think this gives The Gatehouse a clean, fresh look.

The 2017 theme comes with several exciting new features, three of which I’d like to highlight here.

Post filter

Posts filter

The first is a post filter. Here’s how it works: If you’re in the dieselpunk or steampunk category, you will see a link in the upper-right corner of the page called Latest. Hover over it and you will reveal several options to filter the posts on your screen.

By default, you see the latest posts. But if you’re new to the site, or new to dieselpunk and steampunk altogether, you may want to select “Featured posts” instead. This will give you the best content from each category: long-form articles, think pieces and interviews.

You can also select the most popular posts, although take into account here that the new theme is unable to calculate popularity all the way to the beginning. So there is a bias in favor of recent posts, but this should work itself out in a matter of months.

Related articles

Related articles

At the bottom of every posts, you will now find thumbnails and links to related articles and the option to see more posts by the same author.

The “Related Articles” is the default setting. It filters posts by tag, so if you’re reading something about airships, you’ll find more airship-related posts listed here. Play with the little arrows to vertically scroll through the recommended posts.

“More from author” will give you all the author’s previous posts, filtered by date. So the most recent ones appear first and then you can scroll back, again using the arrows.

We hope this will help you find more interesting content that lurks in our archives.

Improved search

Search bar

The third improvement has to do with the search function.

If you type something in the search bar (upper-right, next to the menu) and wait a second, the blog will now recommend the most relevant posts for that search. That should save you time finding the content you’re looking for.

If you do need the full results, simply click on the “View all results” link and you will get a browsable archive of all relevant entries.

Let us know in the comments if you’re happy about the changes and if there’s anything else you’d like to see at The Gatehouse!

We have lots of content planned for the beginning of next year, including concept art from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, photos of Hitler’s nightmare capital of the world and 1950s retro-futuristic space art, so come back soon.

Nick Ottens is the chief editor of The Gatehouse. An historian by training, he now works for an international consultancy and writes about political and international affairs for the Atlantic Sentinel.


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