Industrial Steampunk FX Makeup Tutorial


Glam & Gore is awesome, Mykie’s creativity is practically boundless. Of course, now that she has done an amazing two-part industrial steampunk look, we simply have to share it.

There is more to SFX and these eleborate looks than people generally stop to think about. So that’s why this is extra amazing, because she really explains how to go about them. For those wanting to do something similar for themselves, this is a very valuable resource.

If you don’t know how to make a face cast, check out this tutorial. I’ve used it in the past on a friend and it worked really well.

Or you can just use the one Mykie linked to, but this one is a little more accessible and easy (although I agree that you should never do this on your own).

Click here for part two of the industrial steampunk makeup tutorial.

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