Review: The Rocketeer at War, Volume 1


Volume 1 bundles the first four single issues in the ongoing The Rocketeer at War storyline, but at least they had the common decency to not leave us hanging on a cliffhanger.

As The Rocketeer instalments, especially in trade paperbacks/hardcovers are few and far between, so that’s a good thing.

This is actually the first bundle to be released as a trade paperback, the previous ones, with exeption of the short story book Jet-pack Adventures, have always been hardcover.
But enough about semantics, and more about the actual story!

What is definitely great about this issue, is that they have kept the same writers for all issues, and have only 2 different artists.

Which is a vast improvement on past storylines and it really helps with the consistency of this particular Rocketeer story.

They also seem to have fixed the past chronology issues, as this story is set after all previous ones. Wether or not that’ll last of course remains to be seen.

The Rocketeer at War doesn’t explore anything new as far as the Rocketeer universe goes: he’s still fighting the nazi’s left, right and center.

BUT despite that, The Rocketeer at War is an entertaining story, with fun characters (both new and old) and entertaining villains.

Also, the little actual historical facts that get sneaked in are pretty cool. It’s a nice touch, one I hope they will keep up with in the future.

Another fun touch, is the addition of a Rocketeer short story at the back of the volume. Well, it’s to say, it’s a nice idea, as The Rivet Gang was originally published as the final stories in Jet-Pack Adventures. But for people who don’t own that one, its a fun touch. For others, well it’s one of the better ones in the book at least.

As far as the post-Dave Stevens Rocketeer era goes, this is definitely one of the better instalments of the ongoing storyline. It’s not as good as the utterly sublime The Rocketeer and The Spirit, Pulp Friction, but it’s a very close second. Probably the best story where the Rocketeer stars on his own to date. And it definitely left me curious for volume 2 in this storyline. Let’s hope it’s actually going to happen, and doesn’t leave us hanging for a follow up that never comes like what happened with Cargo of Doom.

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