Event Review: Coalescaremonium, Pagan Electrics


What: Gothic happening
Where: Bouche à Oreille, Etterbeek (near Brussels), Belgium
When: Saturday, April 8 2017

Coalescaremonium, Pagan Electrics, was the 5th (time does really fly) instalment of the yearly Grandioso Gothic Happening (that’s really how it’s marketed as, I’m not making it up, but it is legit) taking place at the revamped monastery: Bouche à Oreille. Which, with its many side rooms, is the perfect location for a Gothic event of this magnitude and program.

Coalescaremonium, Pagan Electrics - opening ceremony
First of all, Coalescaremonium separates itself from all other Gothic events by its very concept. It’s a festival, party and socialising event all in one. Which makes that there’s something for everyone. On top of that, it’s all ages friendly, and every year you see more and more people bringing their (young) children. Mostly the kids are dressed up for the occasion, which is just extra cute.

Coalescaremonium is also probably the only event that successfully manages to merge not only all styles of Goth, but also warmly welcome other subcultures such as various Japanese fashion styles, steampunk and dieselpunk. Whilst those are still a minority, much like kids, you see more of them each year. Which is awesome, and a testament to the all-inclusive attitude of the event.

selfie in progress
Every year there is a theme, and in theory there is a dress code, but they are very relaxed about it so you see people in simple black outfits they probably wear every single day, to people wearing (casual) suits and people dressed to the nines and everything in between you can imagine from the Goth scene.

Much like last year’s edition, Art Nouveau Noise, Pagan Electrics was heavily featuring live performances, spread over three rooms: the concerthall (aka main stage), the Chapel and the Dancefloor, where DJs ruled supreme (which was a little too loud mind, which is actually my only complaint I have on the event, loud is good, too loud not so much). Performances were, like the entire event, very varied ranging from EBM to electro to metal to rock and more. Which is awesome because mostly you only find very few musical options at these things.
It was nigh impossible to not know when and where something was happening, as not only was the program listed on their website well in advance, they had spread out program flyers all over the venue, as well as hung up time tables on the doors. Which were great and much appreciated extras.

Food and drinks wise, Coalescaremonium also excels at providing options. Don’t expect to have the choice between a vegetarian and regular burger, the regular soft drinks and beer. No, expect to have the choice between at least a handful of non-alcoholic beverages, probably just as many alcoholic ones (I don’t drink alcohol so I didn’t count them, but they have absenthe, just say no to the dry ice, trust me). As for food, yes, there are aforementioned burgers, but there is also a lot more, even taking vegans into account. And if you have special dietary requirements, no one will stop you from bringing in your own meal either. Because Coalescaremonium really does care about its visitors.
Oh and no one will hold it against you if you bring some candy/snacks in either. Especially not if you share.

If all of that isn’t enough, there’s a variety of shops, a cozy tearoom style area downstairs (there are seats and tables pretty much all over the event so there’s a good chance you’ll find a spot to sit down) and a photo corner. Variation, your name is Coalescaremonium and we love you for it.

Once again, Coalescaremonium managed to bring us an amazing event with Pagan Electrics. Every year, they really pay attention of what they can improve and then proceed to do so, making every single edition better. People that come there know it, which in turn adds to the warm and friendly atmosphere. There is no doubt in my mind that edition 6 next year will be even better than this one, and I really look forward to attending it!

More photos of the event can be found here, and some more live photos are here.

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