Concert Review: Pan de Capazo


There are these rare, very rare, moments where you find yourself sitting at a local festival, that couldn’t be further away from anything steampunk or dieselpunk if it actually tried, and you realise that the band that just started to perform on stage is in fact… a steampunk band.

That was exactly what happened when I attended the annual Heist-op-den-Berg sheep shearing festival in Belgium on May 21st (I go for the food, the food is amazing).

Imagine my surprise, nay shock, when I simply went to have a look who was on stage to see a steampunk ensemble from Spain on stage, who may or may not had a Belgian beer too many. Nevertheless that, Pan de Capazo was an excellent band, who reminded me a little of The Steampunk Stompers.

Pan de Capazo

Even faced with a whole crowd that could clearly appreciate their music (in as far as people could appreciate anything in the boiling heat and faced with tons of food and drink) but knew absolutely nothing about steampunk (with perhaps the exception of a handful of people out of the hundreds present), they stuck to their band’s back story of mad scientists in a hot air balloon. Which I could really appreciate, as much as their eclectic sound.

The sheep shearing festival might not have been the best place for Pan de Capazo, but they rocked the stage nonetheless with their own brand of steampunk folk. Should I have the opportunity to see them live again, I would definitely go for it.

Pan de Capazo//

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