Review: Lady Mechanika, Volume 1


I am aware that we are extremely late to the party on starting to review these, but it is an ongoing series, with volume 4 released not long ago, so better late than never right.

Surely there are some people out there that aren’t aware of Lady Mechanika yet. Check it out if you are one of them, because this is one of the best comics around. And it has been translated into a myriad of languages, I even saw a Dutch version at a Belgian FNAC store, so chances are that if English isn’t your mother tongue, you’ll be able to find it in yours.

Anyway, Lady Mechanika, the Victorian era cyborg heroine of these particular tale, is everything we love about steampunk. The marriage of tech and adventure, a strong female character of the likes Marvel and DC could only dream of. This creator owned marvel has it all.

Whilst at first this may look like a comic feeding into the cliché things the steampunk scene is known to love: flying machines, (mad) science, adventure, goggles, and the sort, once you start reading you quickly discover that there is much more to Lady Mechanika’s world.

Combining elements from the victorian era with steampunk tropes and tales of adventure that can nearly rival those from Jules Verne himself, this makes for a series with heroes and villains you love to hate, and of which you are forever eagerly awaiting the next installment.

In this first part, we come to meet our heroine, on the trail of several mad men trying to recreate her, with dire concequences. The story is a cast of colourful characters, that keeps you hooked from page one to the very end. Its a very clever set-up, as far as the start of a storyline goes, and it’ll leave you wondering whether or not she’ll end up running away with the circus at some point or other. That jest aside, there IS a circus, but I won’t delve too deeply into things, because I don’t want to spoil it. It’s a great tale of mystery and villany and one I was pleased to read and re-read many a time.

In fact, I enjoyed the first volume so much I am now an avid collector of Lady Mechanica volumes. But don’t believe my word for it, check it out for yourself.

And if you already have read the comic(s), leave a comment below to tell me what you thought!

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