Review: Lady Mechanika, Volume 4


You might find it strange that I am talking about the most recent Lady Mechanika volume 2nd, but that’s because this one actually chronologically probably comes best first or maybe second (but I actually bought it last, so yeah). Which is probably why it’s not specifically numbered like the others.

In any case, it doesn’t particularly matter at which point in the Lady Mechanika timeline you read this, but I feel that it is best read after the first volume.

As the cover of this volume suggests, we find Lady Mechanika traveling to Mexico for personal reasons, where she irrevocably will find herself in the midst of local events, which will change her forever.

And that’s all you’ll get out of me plot wise, because I don’t want to spoil it.

This story is a perfect blend between the Day of the Dead tradition and the Lady Mechanika storytelling so many, including myself, have come to adore. With steampunk elements mixed in here and there, with just enough horror added in for it to be (Halloween) season appropriate.

Excellent storytelling, beautiful art, and the type of character development we love from an ongoing story.

La Dama de la Muerte is another beautiful addition to world of Lady Mechanika, and steampunk full stop.

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