The Gatehouse

Online dieselpunk and steampunk magazine


Steampunk is a world in which technology challenges nature; in which airships hundreds of feet tall and able to carry over one hundred passengers in outright luxury seem to defy all logic as they float on their moorings like impossible balloons; in which mechanical men exhaling steam and stoicism serve Scotch in upper class mansions and gentlemen's clubs. But it is also a world of Hazards & Horror, in which the Mysteries of the Orient are still unrevealed to white men; in which the Dark Continent harbors the unknown ruins of Realms long gone; yet in which the Moon seems not so distant from the advance of Human progress. Steampunk lives in the reincarnated past of shadows and the forgotten. We behold the mystery of possibility; we seek reminiscence about a more elegant Age of Adventure that never really was; we liberate the machine from technocracy and recreate her from Desire and Dreams. Steampunk "overthrows the factory of consciousness by beautiful entropy"; the living dream of progress that guides us in the exploration of otherwise unknowable territories.