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    I’ve been listening to the Puppini Sisters lately. Very nice chorus girl/’40s popular songstress feel. Very much like the Andrews Sisters.

    Listen: http://www.myspace.com/puppinisisters



    Hello Everybody…

    I was looking for music for dieselpunk and I´ve found some good stuff I think.

    Caravan Palace is just one I don´t know if you already know this bands but anyway:

    The Fascinating Rhythms with a cover from Peggy Lee that sounds so good to me:

    You also can watch this great video from Chinese Man “I´ve got the tune”
    Or maybe this “Side B” from Der Dritte Raum “Swing bop”

    Oh I almost forgot it of course Big Bad Voodoo Daddy with this cover from “Minnie the moocher”
    What do you think?


    Nick Ottens

    40-50s music is fine. Love it by itself. Preferably female singers, but Sinatra and Armstrong too, of course. But I always perceived diesel music to be something distorted, post-apocalyptic as Trubetskoy mentioned.

    Trubetskoy wrote:
    perfect mood accompaniment to an industrial-age apocalypse.

    Also I agree with Beauregard in that martial industrial can also contribute to the diesel atmosphere.
    But I think that the best genre that can fit is ambient with industrial influences. Sometimes on Last.fm radio I can hear some distorted songs from 50s. Anyways -thats what I thought…



    Mmm…this isn’t music so much as it is entertaining audio, but it would be kind of silly to post it elsewhere.

    Anyway, yesterday on my blog I was reminded of some episodes of The Adventures of Philip Marlowe I was listening to not too long ago. I don’t know if there’s been a post linking to the radio episodes, so I figured I’d add something here:


    Good old-fashioned storytelling. As I said, not music, per se, though it’s certainly music to my ears. Hope you enjoy (if you haven’t already before)!



    Johnny Dellarocca

    Ella Fitzgerald fronting Ellington’s band. That’s all you need in life. Can you dig that? I knew that you could.


    Hilde Heyvaert

    Seeing that we actually have a Diesel music thread I’m going to put Chicar’s find of Zoobombs in here.


    Nick Ottens

    I like the electroswing outfits, especially Swing Republic, and Caravan Palace. Dunkelbunt has some pieces that verge on dieselpunk as well, especially the track called Cinnamon Girl (no connection to the Neil Young tune). There is also Good Co., an electroswing group here in the states that is a spinoff of the Steampunk band Abney Park. Also, in a more dystopian vein there is Sweden’s amazing Diablo Swing Orchestra; especially noteworthy tracks by DSO are “Tapdancer’s Dilemma,” and “Balrog Boogie.”

    I also think much of the 1990s swing revival music works, including The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, and Lee Presson and the Nails.

    There is also avant garde stuff like RPM Orchestra, and the newest effort by the normally Steampunk group The Clockwork Dolls.

    I will try to post some links later on pertaining to some of these.

    Although I LOVE the hot 1920s jazz and 1930s swing (especially Cab Calloway, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Django Reinhardt, Louis Jordan, The Andrews Sisters and Benny Goodman), I do not consider any music from the Edwardfian Era through the interbellum period to be DieselPunk per se, any more than stories written then would be considered dieselpunk.



    In my opinion there is a band from louisville ky called Rachel’s that has a sound that I think fits in real nicely with the feel of dieselpunk, particularly their album The Sea and The Bells

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