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    Nick Ottens

    Welcome to our new home! You’ll see that the Smoking Lounge looks different and you might encounter some difficulties. This thread will help you out.

    What’s changed?

    We had to convert the community to a different software because our host dropped support for a protocol our old boards ran on. We switched to bbPress. It’s from the creators of WordPress, which is the platform the blog runs on. This allows for better integration of the blog and forums. If you’re a user or register, you’ll be able to leave comments on the blog and post here in the forums with the same account.

    I can’t log in!

    The user names of all but inactive members were transferred. You should be able to log in through the widget in the footer of the website.

    Because passwords are encrypted in the database, they cannot be transferred. The easiest way to reset this is using the Lost Password link.

    If you get the error message, “Hack tool, please contact support,” when trying to log in, please use your browser’s “Back” button to retrieve the forum’s front page and try logging in again. It should work the second time around. Sorry for the bother!

    A special note for blog contributors

    You should be able to log in with the username and password of your existing blog account. Your forum posts have been reassigned to this account.

    Where’s my avatar?

    Avatars weren’t transferred.

    Once you’ve logged in, click on “The Gatehouse” link in the upper right corner, then “Dashboard”. Click “Profile” and you should see an Avatar section where you’re able to upload a new image.

    You’ll also see a Biographical Info field. Feel free to add a bit about yourself here. It will appear in your new forum profile which other members can see when they click on your name.

    Where’s my post?

    While all topics were converted, sadly not all replies were. We lost about a third of all posts. Which sucks but at least we got the other two thirds…

    My images are gone!

    Some image codes will not have converted. This includes smileys.

    I can’t reach a forums!

    Because the conversion took up a look of memory, we’re likely to face so-called timeout issues in the next couple of days. When a blog or forum page doesn’t load and you get a white screen instead, simply refresh and it should turn up. Bear with us, please!


    If you’ve any more questions or want to report errors, please, post them here or contact me directly at

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