UK Sends Dieselpunk-Style Act to Eurovision!

Electro Velvet, the UK’s entry to this year’s Eurovision song festival, is a funky and fun sounding electro swing duet who with their entry “Still in Love with you” are bringing diesel style music to a competition often called “the world’s biggest circus”.

As one of the pre-qualified countries, they’ve escaped the dreaded semi-finals and are straight up for the stage on Saturday’s finale event (which should be aired in pretty much every European country as well as Belarus, Russia, Australia and Israel, who are all competing despite not being European countries), so check out your (online) tv guide for the airing times and catch this band live if you can!

Aside from that live performance for BBC 1, they also have a video clip for the song, which you can see here.

Personally I prefer them live, what do you think?

And what are your thoughts? Think they got a chance in the world’s biggest circus? Answers in a comment!

Event Review: Antwerp Convention 5

Antwerp Convention 5

Antwerp Convention
What: pop-culture convention
When: Sunday, April 26
Where: Antwerp Expo, Antwerp, Belgium
Ticket price: depending on the formula
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For the 5th year in a row, Antwerp Convention took up a significant part of Antwerp Expo. Quite a few people were already gathered outside well before the doors opened, which is a testament of how much people adore this event.

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