Warsaw Uprising in an Alternate World

Warsaw Uprising by Jakub Rozalski
Warsaw Uprising by Jakub Rozalski

Remember Jakub Rozalski gigantic machines? On the anniversary of the start of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, we didn’t want to keep this one of Rozalski’s paintings from you: a scary vision of what the uprising might have looked like in a dieselpunk world.

Click here for the original. Click here to learn more about the Warsaw Uprising from Wikipedia.

Product Review: Zatchels Foxton Kilworth Bag

Zatchels Foxton Kilworth 1

First of all, I am very much aware that dark brown isn’t in the Foxton range, or the Charnwood one (essentially those are the same bags, but Foxton and Charnwood each come in 4 very distinctive colours that aren’t found in other Zatchels ranges). Let’s just ignore that fact for a moment, I’ll get to it later in this review.

The Kilworth model is a classic design, just slightly different from other classic smaller bags. It looks sufficiently different from all the well known types of classic and vintage style satchel/handbag to make it really pop, whilst all the same it is a bag you can literally use anywhere. Whether it is for the office, a night out, your ‘punk outfit: Kilworth has you covered. Continue reading “Product Review: Zatchels Foxton Kilworth Bag”

The Bohemian Partition

Bohemian Partition map
Map of the fictional Bohemian Partition (Marcos Eduardo Ceia)

Based on the real-world United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine (down to the use of the same color scheme), this map purports to be the work of an international commission for the “Bohemian Question.”

The scenario has ethnic Czechs rising up against a Sudetengerman-led government after the Second World War. The Sudetenland was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938, with the acquiescence of France and the United Kingdom — but without the involvement of what was then Czechoslovakia. In the real world, most Germans living in the border region were expelled after the war.

The map was created by Brazilian artist Marcos Eduardo Ceia. Click here for the original.

Book Review: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain RailroadLet me first start by saying that Big Thunder Mountain is one my favourite rides in Disneyland Paris (the only Disney resort I’ve visited), only narrowly beaten by Les Mystères du Nautilus. So of course, when Marvel and Disney announced that everyone’s favourite runaway main train was being turned into a comic, I was excited.

Design wise, it’s very pretty. Like all other Disney Kingdom series books it comes only in hardcover. Which is bad because it means a fragile flap and a higher price than what you’d pay for a trade paperback version. On the upside, once the flap is removed, you get a really nice sketch of the ride. That aside, from personal experience I know that Marvel soft cover editions tend to be rather more robust, so I’m not really into Disney’s money grabbing ways here, pretty look or not. Continue reading “Book Review: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad”