Song Review: “SwampStomp Funk”


Have you ever wondered what SwampFunk would sound like? Well, wonder no more, because The Steampunk Stompers have banded together with Montague Jacques Fromage for a one single song “SwampStomp Funk”, combining the best of well, both artists really.

It’s a fun, danceable track full of 1970s era funk with the musical styles of both the Stompers and Mr Fromage mixed in, so it has become an original and funky tune.

If you’re a fan of either artist or 1970s funk, it’s well worth checking out, you can get your own digital copy here for a mere $1.29

Product Review: NYX Wicked Lippies

steampunk lipstick

Yes, a cosmetics review on The Gatehouse, please stay with me, there’s a reason behind this.

Twist and turn the way you like, but a good part of the steampunk community likes to wear make-up. Finding eye shadows, liners and pencils in appropriately steamy colours isn’t hard. Pretty much every brand today carries at least one gold, bronze and copper eye shadow, and most carry a wide variety of products in those colours. This goes for both upscale as drugstore brands, which is good for every kind of budget.

Now, lipstick, well that’s been a bit more of an issue. But not anymore (ok this has been around for a couple of years, but I’m generally quite late to any cosmetics related party)!

Bring in the NYX cosmetics Wicked “lippies” (frankly I fail to see why they just couldn’t say lipsticks but there you go) range. With nothing but metallics. Now these come in a fair share of colours, including greens, blues and purples, but what is really interesting to the ‘punk community at large are their proper metal tones: dark metallic grey, silver, gold and …copper (my personal favourite).

I only own the copper (Wrath) and gold (Mischievous) ones, so I’ll focus on those. Continue reading “Product Review: NYX Wicked Lippies”

CD Review: “The Mother Matrix” The Nathaniel Johnstone Band

The Mother Matrix

Stand back everyone, I’m going to try …SCIENCE!

Thus starts The Spark, the most energetic song on The Mother Matrix (and my personal fave), the newest brain child of The Nathaniel Johnstone Band.

And boy, what a brain child it is! Undoubtedly his best album to date, it combines genres from the past with the kind of music he has become best known for, making this a hot pot of genres, and yet every song still has that signature Johnstone feel to it.

It’s no mean feat to write a punk song that reminds of the infamous CH-CH-CH-CHERRY BOMB, or tracks that remind of The Beatles and other bands from that era whilst sticking to your own style at the same time. Even when he and his band emulate the past, they are still very much themselves, which is exactly why this album is so fantastic.

And make sure to listen to the lyrics too, because man, are they good!

In short, this is a varied, solid album, with a nice switch between genres and male and female vocals. It keeps interesting no many times you listen to it. At the same time it is very accessible, so pretty much anyone would enjoy this either as listening, dancing or background tunes. It’s one of those rare albums that works no matter the circumstances.

If you so desire, you can get your own copy right here.

Event Review: Coalescaremonium

CoalescaremoniumCoalescareomonium, Art Nouveau Noise
What: Gothic event
When: Saturday, April 2 2016
Where: Bouche à Oreille, Etterbeek, Belgium
Ticket price: €35 in pre-sales, €40 at the door

Despite the recent terrorist events in Brussels making it hard (or harder, depending on which transport you were using) for people to get into the city. As well as pretty late timed necessary changes to the program, Coalescaremonium once again established that, at the moment, they are the premiere, family friendly, Gothic event that Belgium has to offer as none of these misfortunes stopped them from putting on a great show.

Continue reading “Event Review: Coalescaremonium”