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Otto & Victoria figurine fundraiser

Most steampunks already know Brian Kesinger‘s beautiful art, and in particular his tea girls and especially the dynamic duo Otto and Victoria.

Aside from his awesome art, calendars, t-shirts and books, Mr Kesinger is now trying to raise the funds for an Otto and Victoria collectible figurine. So if you just want to support the artist, seize the opportunity to get some exclusive swag or simply want this figurine to become reality so it can grace your home: click this handy link which will take you to the fundraiser page.

Event review: Made in Asia 2014

Made in Asia 2014 review

Event: Made in Asia (MiA 6)
When: March 14 – 16 2014
What: Asiamania convention
Where: Brussels Expo, Laeken, Belgium

First let me start by saying that Made in Asia is a fun convention. It has a wide variety of Asiamania subjects and it’s the only event of this kind that focuses on other countries on the Asian continent aside from Japan, even though the Land of the Rising Sun is still the unavoidable main focus. Mainly China and Korea had a few stands dedicated to them, which made for a nice change from just J-culture.
Sadly, Made in Asia is also a very flawed convention in many ways, and it’s become quite clear that the organisation should really address these issues sooner rather than later.

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