Event announcement: Emporium Vernesque

Emporium Vernesque 4 - announcementEvent: Emporium Vernesque
What: steampunk convention
When: November 28-29 2015
Where: Willemeen, Arnhem, The Netherlands
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Emporium Vernesque, the annual Dutch steampunk convention, returns to their original venue: Willemeen, the small and cozy location that the convention is best known for, and where, in my personal opinion, they held the best editions of the event in the past.
For the first time the convention spans not one, but two days, and they will undoubtedly be filled to the brim (literally) with workshops, fashion shows, performances and all kinds of other ‘punk fun!

This year’s theme is Floating Circus, which is undoubtedly going to be present in humourous and clever ways throughout the event.
So if you’re free that weekend and want to spend it doing ‘punk things, this is something you may want to consider.
The Gatehouse was present the three previous editions, so if you want to know a little more about the event, simply click here! :)

Do you wood film?

eco filmIt is no secret that many people in both steampunk and dieselpunk scene love film. Film carries nostalgia from the past, and even though analog photography has had to make space for digital in most households, there are still plenty of film affectionados, and having your film developed affordably is an option in many places, including plenty of small towns via drug store and convenience store chains as well as select photography stores.

Analog photography carries a little bit of the past, and a nostalgia that digital simply doesn’t, which is why it still carries quite a bit of popularity worldwide and so many people flock to Lomography or lovingly take care of their vintage cameras.

But of course, film, contrary to digital, leaves it’s footprint on the environment with every photo. Which is why the Italian company compagnia-imago has now come up with an ecological alternative to traditional black and white 35mm film: the eco-friendly canister which is not only made from renewable resources, but is completely organic on top of that!

Want to join the ranks of the “green photographers”? Check out their kickstarter page, and support them if you love analog photography can spare the money. It’s a great cause all around for sure.

Vintage book of the month

Dansen en hoe het te doen

Welcome to our brand new section on The Gatehouse. Each month we will pick out a vintage book, and basically tell you about it. Why? Because vintage books are awesome, and aside from being awesome, they tell us a little about the times that span the dieselpunk (and sometimes steampunk era if we luck out and find a book old enough) era and how people lived back then.

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