CD review: Nathaniel Johnstone Band “The Antikythera Mechanism”

Nathaniel Johnstone Band - Antikythera Mechanism

Nathaniel Johnstone and his band return for more excellent storytelling, of both steampunk style and mythologically influenced persuasion on their latest full album “The Antikythera Mechanism”.

The all new, 14 song full album, contains musical journeys with tentacled friends, throughout stories of yore and wonder and tales of heroes and villains from mythology.
Each music to sing along to and dance to your heart’s content, or simply enjoy listening to in your favourite place(s).

The band’s signature sound, full of ethnic and belly dance music influences has clearly grown and matured on this album, making it one coherent and strong collection of songs that keep the listener’s attention from the first to the last note easily, and even then you may very well find yourself humming one of the tunes you just heard. But not to worry, if you get stuck with one of these songs in your head you’ll at least have a good mental soundtrack running along with your thoughts.

If you’ve listened to the artist’s older work, and especially the previous release Narratives (which is awesome in its own right), you’ll notice how much the band has grown since that last release, and improved as storytellers and musicians full stop. Which only means they’ll continue to get better every release if they stay on this road, and each new album will be a fabulous addition to every steampunk music lover’s collection.

Want to get your own copy?
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Support Your Fellow Steampunk

The Steampunk Objective's "One Man Airship"

The Steampunk Objective’s “One Man Airship”

Everyone that is a regular reader of The Gatehouse knows The Steampunk Objective. The Dutch based international steampunk collective often setting up encampments to inform people about steampunk and introduce the movement to visitors at several Dutch and international events.

What people mostly don’t know, is that The Steampunk Objective is also increadibly active in various children’s charities (Stichting Opkikker to name but one).

The participate in special days, and use their craft to give children with a grave and sometimes sadly even terminal illness the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous day out where they can forget about being ill.

But of course, to keep on doing this great thing, they need money to build new and better vehicles suited for this particular charity purpose.

If you think that what they’re doing is awesome too, and you can spare a buck (every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated), go to their fundraising page and donate.

Event Review: TEDxFlanders Salon, Save the Internet

TEDx - Save the Internet

Event: TEDxFlanders Salon, Save the Internet
When: Thursday, May 22
What: TEDx brainstorm and information evening
Where: De Kleine Hedonist, Antwerp, Belgium

You may wonder why we’re talking about this particular event on this here blog. The reason is simple: without even delving into the realms of politics, net neutrality affects us all, including steampunks and dieselpunks, as let’s face it, a large portion of our community IS happening online.

We rely on forums, facebook pages, blogs, website, and so on to get information, arrange meetings, find events to attend, find tutorials to help us in our latest creative venture and so on. Much as we are retrofuturistic, we are also children of the current age, and the internet IS an important part of it.

Therefore Bert and I attended TEDxFlanders’ salon about net neutrality, where we could get more information about what the people are doing to keep the internet active and accessible like it is today.

The beautiful thing about TEDx events (which are global, just do a google search to see what’s happening near you) is that they aren’t politically loaded. They aim to spread ideas, to encourage creativity. To give you the information so you can make up your own mind, and possibly get ideas for new things.

Also: if you can’t attend their events, they upload relevant information afterwards, which allows people to (re)view it later.

So if you worry about your project being online, check them out for sure.

Music Review: Light Mellow “Summer”

Light Mellow - Summer

Today I would like to talk to you about Light Mellow, and in particular their new album Summer, which isn’t a dieselpunk band an sich, but yet creates wonderful scene appropriate music nonetheless.

Seldom has a CD been more aptly named as Summer by Light Mellow. Their musical style on this particular release is simply perfect as a soundtrack for the summer season, or invoking thoughts thereof.

You get plenty of this on this 19 track full album, where both vocals and music manage to evoke summer in every note. The combination of different male vocals, switching between male and female only adds to keeping this music diverse, even though the entire recording is in the same style, making it very coherent and yet keeping the songs different enough for it to never bore.

Style wise it is extremely strongly reminiscent of the crooners from the 1950s and light surfer pop from the same era associated with US beach towns and Cuba.

Light Mellow makes this particular style sound fresh and happening over six decades later.
Definitely a recommendation for those that like retro style music, or those looking for something different but representing the season of summer perfectly at the same time.

For those interested in buying their own copy of the CD, importing from Japan is pretty easy all in all, just go here and mailorder ^^.

Happy Dieselpunk Day everyone!