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A news article released yesterday claims that a team of British car racers plan to race a steam car. But this is not the most interesting part of the article.

The team also hopes to break the land speed record for a steam vehicle (128 MPH) by going 150 MPH, not only that, they hope to set the bar at 200 MPH! The full article can be read here


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Re: Steam Car Speed Record

I'm having a feeling of deja-vu here after reading Mr Steiner's previous little story.  wink

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How much is that in kilometres per hour?

I remember Jay Leno telling about his Stanley Steamer. He told the thing could drive over 200 km/h. I remember that because it went faster than my own, rather more modern car, does (max 180 km/h, unless I go downhill with the wind from behind).

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Re: Steam Car Speed Record

200 miles is 320 kilometers, approximately smile

I'm reading that the original speed record for a steam-powered car was set back in 1906!!  by a Mr Fred Marriott.  Here's a nice article about it.

How come no-one every thought to breaking that record in the meantime eh?