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Walter stood on the deck. It was silent. Not much had occurred today, and he had finished analyzing all floor plans, designs and structures of the ship. He had repaired what needed repairing with the help of the crew, and sat down in the lounge for a quick drink.


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Elisabeth and Tuskegee, true to their tightly bonded status, both leaned back in their plush dining chairs, eyes narrowed and serious expressions on their faces.
   “Son of a bitch. . .” Tuskegee muttered, putting his hands, interlaced, on top of his head. “Are we talking the new,” his voice grew quieter, “gas weapons?”
   “Indeed,” responded Miss Murray gravely. “Gases with the potential to kill thousands of people. She looked down at the deck under her feet. When she looked back up, Elisabeth had leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table, her hands pushed together in front of her mouth.
   “I’d heard rumors of something like this happening from some of my old contacts in the intelligence apparatuses of the United States, but I did not take them seriously,” Tuskegee admitted. He gently, subconsciously, placed an arm around his wife’s shoulders, a sure sign that, whether he wanted to show it or not, he was concerned for her safety. He looked at her, then looked back at Mina.
   “Mina, I speak for myself and Elisabeth when I say that we are ready to do what it takes to stop this man. We’ll work with you to do what we can. In fact, first thing I’ll do is get in touch with some of my friends at the Office of Intelligence back in the US—they may too have a bead on this man. As for you,” He said, gesturing at Roger, “1st The King’s Dragoon Guards?”
   Smythe merely nodded, surprised at his knowledge of the British military. “How did you. . .”
   “I took an emergency posting as a Lieutenant Colonel with that unit at one point, as a favor to the King and as a favor to our mutual intelligence agencies.” He smiled. “I knew I recalled your face from somewhere, leftenent Smythe,” he smiled. “Anywhom,” he said, “I’ll head over to the telegraph room and wire my contacts in the US.”
   “Won’t you stay for dinner?” asked Mina.
   “I. . .  I seem to have lost my appetite. Elisabeth?”
   Elisabeth nodded: “As have I.” As she got up to leave, she said sadly, “Mina, I’m not sure how much I can do. I’m a decent shot with a rifle, and I can fly anything in the air. Beyond that. . .” She looked down. “I feel I’m fairly useless.”
   “Nonsense, Elisabeth,” said Mina and Tuskegee at the same time. She looked up at both of them, determination written on her face, and nodded again. “I’ll find something. I swear, Mina, I’ll be useful.” Tuskegee put an arm around her waist and they headed for the telegraph room.


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Roger stood, and looked at Miss Murray. "If I may speak?"
Miss Murray nodded. Roger took a sip of whiskey and began..
"Most of you thought I was an English duffer when I boarded, a game  hunter who had overstayed his Russian welcome. ( and overstay my welcome, I did, nearly to the cost of my life, he chuckles). I suspect that our Mr. Woolf may have known a bit more about me. So to begin, let me say this.
What Miss Murray hints at is true, Ignatieff and his masters have amassed a stockpile of the new terror gas weapons.  I have persued Ignatieff for many years, and I feel I can be safe in saying that he has intentions to start a war that will shake the world to its foundations. I can also hazard the opinion, that his ambitions know no bounds, and that there is a good chance that he will betray his masters in the end, for his own ambition and hunger for glory would see him as a new Russian Caesar, with the world as his new Russian Empire.    There are rumours that the Tsar, emboldened by Ignatieff, has followed paths of weapons research even more evil and unimaginable than the new gas weapons. There is a village in Kashgaria, where every single living soul, man and beast, died in one day of a strange malady that saw their bodies bent and bleeding until death gave respite. I saw this with my own eyes, and could not, at the time, have suspected that it was the work of man.
  How would I, a simple Major know this? The truth is, I am a senior M15 field agent, and Ignatieff was my quarry since the early days of the Great Game. The British military was a useful cover, although I did start my career as but a humble corporal in the 17th Lancers. It was in St.Petersburg, that he nearly had me. He and his agents are becoming bolder, and his plans more devious.
To this end I have pledged my life to Miss Murray, to aid in the hunt and elimination of Ignatieff's evil. I may have failed M15, but I will fail now more.
  I offer you my skills, my life and my knowledge of Ignatieff."
Roger stopped and looked around at the assemblage. He took massaged the bridge of his nose and continued.
  "If I may make a request? I am a stranger here to all, save perhaps Miss Murray. Would it be remiss if we could all share what we can give in terms of skills to our little league? Perhaps that knowledge would help with
planning tactics?  I would be more than willing to share my story, if you would hear it. But that decision is yours. Until then, I give you a toast"
  Roger raises his glass - "To justice, and an end to Ignatieff's evil"
He tosses back the glass of whiskey, and sits, awaiting the pleasure of the company.


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Walter pushed his chair back, watching Roger intently, he could detect no sign of falsehood. "Mr. Smythe I do believe you give too few of us proper credit. While we were not all senior agents, it is fairly obvious to most how, or why a gent would not only successfully board the Peril, monetary notions aside. Now, Mr. Macklin, as I said while we spoke to Miss Murray. It woud seem" Walter grinned, his eyes lit up and glistened, hopeful, like a young boy with his favorite toy "that it is up to us, to save the world. As always, Miss Murray, you have my deductive reasoning and high intellect at your disposal. Any weapon, any evil can be counteracted. As for any other skill, well, we may all see what I am capable of in time." a knowing, devilish smile appearing as he raises his glass, "Indeed, Mr. Smythe, a toast."


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"Well, i'm not sure if i have any outstanding skills" Isaac said, his blissful look slowly leaving him. "But my knowledge of rare beasts, flora and lands may prove usefull, seeing as it doesn't seem as this villian of ours is going to stay in one place." A bit embarrassed, Isaac began to excuse himself. " I should check up on our little stowaway. Who knows what trouble he might be getting in!"


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Quote from: MrFats on July 21, 2007, 07:49:48 PM
. While we were not all senior agents, it is fairly obvious to most how, or why a gent would not only successfully board the Peril, monetary notions aside.

Roger looked back at Walter..
'My dear sir, if what I take you to mean is true, and that you KNEW of my presence in St.Petersburg, and that this was
to your advantage to recruit me to your league, then that is a stroke of genius worthy of a Holmes himself. I salute you, sir. Well played, well played indeed! "


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ACTAEON, JULY 22, 2007

Outside the PERIL

The late evening sun painted the sky indescribably hues of red and violet as the team conversed and planned their next move against Ignatieff. The massive gas bladder that usually held the glorious airship aloft swayed gently in the evening gusts, half deflated and ready for its routine maintenance. In the distance, birds sounded their surprise at seeing such a massive kindred spirit stuck earth bound.

But it didn't last long.


From the cabin's side ripped an explosion of hellish fury, fueled by the elegant wood and the fuel propellant that usually pushed the Peril gloriously forward through the air. Men died in an instant, others were struck blind and deaf from the raw power of the explosion.

And from a distant window at Hoppergarten, another bound man watched with tear filled eyes as the flames rose higher into the orange sky.

"This is your fate." the thick Russian accent of his assailant droned out, "As is anyone who sides against true progress."

As the bound Barnabas watched the Peril list from the explosion, he heard a sound he only recognized as a street light being sparked at night.

"Now they know my reach and will be coming. All into my trap. I must thank you for your information, Barnabas, but, as I said, your fate was sealed the moment you took sides with them."

Barnabas could only reply with a shrill scream as his skin literally cooked off his bones and flames reached into his very soul.

Ignatieff did not smile as he literally burned his victim to death. The message had been delivered to the team. He could strike them at any time, and that would cause them to panic and act just as he wished.

The wheels were turning in his plan. The enemies of Russia would meet their end, and those that stood in his own path would be ruthlessly eliminated.

[OOC: Just to allay fears, I don't intend to blow the Peril up, just bring one of the engines out of action, which can either be easily repaired or serve for some drama if you want to include an airship chase later on. This is just a message to get y'all to action. Cheesy ]


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Suddenly the room rocked.  Mina braced herself against the dining table but others fell from their chairs and onto the ground.  The sound of an explosion.  Dark clouds filled the room.  In the failing light it was difficult to make out the forms of her comrades, but it seemed everyone was recovering when Tusk ran into the room.  "What happened?" Mina demanded.

"An explosion to our starboard bow.  We were on our way to the steering cabin ... Elisabeth went off to check on the bridge crew."

Mina quickly walked with Tusk into the corridor to check on the damage with Walter following right behind them.  "How could this have happened?  We have men on the Promenade, guarding the ship,"  she said.

Tusk shrugged his shoulders and they descended the main staircase.  They arrived on the bridge deck and Mina was appalled by the sight before them:  a whole section of the cabin had been ripped off by the explosion.  Men were bleeding on the floor, most of them presumably dead.  Elisabeth sat with a still-living crewmember in the corner of the bridge, trying to offer aid but there was little she could do.  The man mumbled some words, but Elisabeth couldn't understand what he was saying.  His face was white, his chest covered with burning wounds.  There was nothing she could do...


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Walter said "I apologize, but it would seem as though our defenses are not as impregnable as initially thought" kneeling down at the gravely injured crew member, he turned to another crew member, who seemed to be in good standing. "You! Yes, we have stretchers on board this ship? Good! Go get one. You!" Turning to another crewman, "Help this fellow with that, and bring this man to the medical bay. You three!" Pointing to three people, a bit dazed but no worse for ware "I want you to tell me who looks the worst, write their names and numbers down, we shall treat the most wounded first."

Sighing, he spotted the first dead of the Peril's crew. "You sir, I want you and that gent to help with finding the dead. Yes I apologize, grim work you must do this day. Cover the departed with a dark colored cloth, so we may distinguish who is who."

Turning to Mina and Tusk, Walter said "I have seen my fair share of explosions, what with my laboratory and such. I may not be of the medical profession, but surely a man of science can do his part."