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Topic: An Introduction


First meetings, usually warrant introductions.I am Professor Delphinius "J.C." Tucker. With a passion for spreading knowledge and working to better humanity, I begin, now, to share with the Aetherweb my assorted bits of knowledge and artwork.

I, am currently working on many projects, as well as being on vacation. So I apologise, in advance, if my post time is erratic. I hope that you enjoy what I have to say, or at least gain some moderate entertainment.


SFC (Professor) Delphinius "J.C" Tucker

Re: An Introduction

Good day dear Prof. and here's wishing you well on this venture. I'm very interested to see what you'll be coming up with.

Re: An Introduction

Welcome to the Smoking Lounge, Professor Tucker. I do hope you find yourself at home here and feel free to share any of your artwork or projects.


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Welcome to the Lounge, I hope you will find your stay enjoyable.