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Topic: Steampunk Gift Guide

This list, albeit rather old, is still quite valid I should think. Assembled by Jake Von Slatt for the Make blog, this is a list of the gifts that any Steampunk individual would love greatly. I, personally can vouch for it.

On it are such items as A kersone lamp/cooker, the Gakken Cup Phonograph kit, and many more goodies. Anyone interested in purchasing a gift for their Steampunk loved one this year should give this list a look over.


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Re: Steampunk Gift Guide

The first Athenaeum post also published through our RSS feedbig_smile 

Excellent stuff from Mr Van Slatt there!  Perhaps some inspiration for the Christmas issue of our Gazette?


Re: Steampunk Gift Guide

I could write the "contemporary steampunk gift guide".  Years of shopping for props has left me with _excellent_ scrounging/shopping skills.
Maybe I could persue a carreer as a personal shopper!